There is no fisherman or traveler who would not like to visit Kamchatka even for once. At first, some words about Kamchatka geography. This is almost the ends of Russia, that’s for sure. The location is unique. It is a mountainous peninsula stretching from north to south. Kamchatka is washed by the very cold but extremely productive Okhotsk Sea from the west, and by the Pacific Ocean from the east. At this, it’s interesting that the Okhotsk Sea, being one of the coldest seas in Russia, simultaneously has the richest feed base in the warm season, and it is so inhospitable in the cold season that many fish species, including salmons, can live in the kingdom of cold. The icy fields in the northern part of the Okhotsk Sea may not always break up for short summer! Many rivers of the north-east Kamchatka have not some salmon species whose juvenile fishes spend a long period of time in the river until running to the sea. It is very cold.

If to look at the map, numerous rivers and small rivers can be seen on the east bank of Kamchatka. Unreal number of them, that’s for sure.  Lowlands, boggy tundras and a lot of various water reservoirs. These are extremely interesting places if to appreciate the fish component of the trip, first of all.

The rivers of the west end of Kamchatka are of interest due to a great number of salmons running here. First of all, these are spring salmon, redfish, and cherry salmon. A great number of silversides run here in August, then a queen, the real queen of its waters, Kamchatka steelhead (steelhead trout in the USA) run to some rivers of Kamchatka in September.  Many rivers are abundant, and it’s clear. And the rivers that are famous and full of fish: Sopochnaya, Kvachina, Kol, Kolpakova… There are also other, much more interesting places. The marvelous River Zhupanova flows on the east bank, this is a picturesque miniature of Kamchatka that must be in our dreams. All we and you have dreamt of are here, in River Zhupanova.

In other respects, if to judge on the map, there are far fewer rivers on the east bank than on the west.

The road network is poorly developed. Earthquakes, volcanoes, avalanches, landslides, and any other troubles do not allow for expanding the road network. That is why the residents of Kamchatka cities have to fish not only in places where they would like considering the abundance of fish but in places where they could go. Thank goodness, they can often enjoy perfect fishing in these places.

Among the most accessible rivers of the peninsula where one can arrive by car are the following: Avacha, Plotnikova, Malkinskaya (Bystraya, and there are two Rivers Malkinskaya in Kamchatka), Bolshaya. Many Kamchatka travel agencies are glad to organize tours there at incomparably lower prices than a trip to a place that is far, dead, and requiring helicopter drop.

Everyone can afford to make a choice. To fly to Kamchatka and raft from one motor bridge to the other or sink deeper to the wild territories by helicopter and catch fish there. The total quantity of rivers in Kamchatka where salmons runs to is over 1,000! But fishing in each river of Kamchatka will have its own peculiarities, each of the rivers is unique in its own way. The Kamchatka Territory is rich of places of interest. It takes the first place in Russia on the opportunities for any excursions, tours, trackings, and rafts. No doubts, this is a unique place.

The prices for fishing depend on your preferences. Please contact us and we will consult you or select a tour.