Brown bear hunting

The spring hunting period is from April 20 till May 20
The autumn hunting period is from September 1 till November 1

Kamchatka has the largest brown bear population in the world, about 21,000 representatives of this species live here. Bear is the largest ground wild animal in the peninsula. Their high density and record sizes (the weight of old males reaches 600 kg, and the body length is up to 2.5 m) are explained by an abundance of feed the basis of which is a great number of salmon annually spawning in the rivers. The color of brown bear varies from light straw to almost black.

Elk hunting

The period of tours (approximately) is from September 1 till December 1. The elk horns hunted in 2017 in Kamchatka by huntress Katrin Persi, after they had been measured by the assessor of the Safari Club International (SCI) for recording in the Trophy Book, have shown higher result than any of the elk trophies previously recorded by SCI.