Payment procedure

Reservations for multi-day tours with accommodation are made at least 1 month before the start of the trip. After exchanging copies of the contract by e-mail, we issue an invoice for prepayment, which can be paid through the mobile banking application, specifying the details, or directly at your bank.

When booking day trips during your stay in Kamchatka, a public offer agreement applies. It doesn’t need to be signed. Agreement with the terms of the agreement is made at the time of payment by bank card by the acceptor.

Refunds for canceled excursions are made within 10 working days from the moment the Contractor receives a completed and signed refund application from the Customer.

For foreign citizens: Kamchatka is a border territory with a special visiting regime for foreign citizens. The route must be approved by the FSB before arrival. For copies of the passports of all participants of the route, they must be handed over to the host party no later than 15 days before arrival.

“Visit the land of volcanoes”