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Start 13.06.2021 – End 12.09.2021

The beauty of Kamchatka attracts a lot of people. However, not everyone is ready for traveling through virgin places when you have to sleep in tents, walk long in the mountains, carry a heavy backpack, etc. Such romance attracts mainly people prepared for it.
If you prefer to journey to natural beauty, while sleeping in comfortable conditions, we invite you to the tour “Top 5 places without tents”. You will see the most impressive places of Kamchatka without great physical efforts.
The ascent of Avachinsky and Mutnovsky volcanoes are awaiting tourists, they will see Kurile Lake, as wee, (or the Valley of Geysers, if desired, for a fee), after getting there by helicopter. From the height, you can admire the wildlife of Kamchatka, especially its famous bears that walk free across the expanses of the peninsula. Tourists will be able to observe the life of marine animals during a ten-hour voyage by boat to Russkaya Bay.
Tourists are accompanied by a professional guide who knows almost everything about Kamchatka and knows how to talk about its sights with enthusiasm and meaningfully.
Day 1. Accommodation at the recreation center
Guests arrive at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport where our guide is already waiting for them with a sign. He takes tourists to the hotel. Changing time zones and unusual climate require at least daily acclimatization, so there are no events on the arrival day. Guests relax, bathe in the pool with thermal water, and dine, gradually adapting to the Far Eastern realities.
Day 2. A trip to Mutnovsky volcano
The beginning of the tour is devoted to the ascent to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano. This Sopka is not so far from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and is a popular tourist attraction. Together with Vilyuchinsk, Gorely and Asacha volcanoes, Mutnovsky forms an entire impressive massif. The ascent of the volcano passes along the frequently traveled route. It is not complicated and is available even for children. Impressions go a long way with you.
Mutnovsky lives its volcanic life, and you can enjoy its various expressions. You will feel the smell of sulfur in the air, see firsthand puffs of smoke and smoke erupting from the ground, and when you get to the crater, you will admire the glacier formed in it. The Vulkannaya River flows down the mountain, running fiercely through the gorge and falling from the steep. It forms an impressive waterfall 80 meters high. The purest water plangent runs to the valley where it will merge with a larger body of water.
The pace of ascent is convenient for everyone so that even people who are not physically prepared are able to reach the desired height and admire the opening views. By evening, the group returns to the hotel.
Day 3. Rafting on the river Bystraya
This day is devoted to water travel. The Bolshaya River flowing through Kamchatka has a tributary, the Bystraya River, the length of which is 270 meters. It is famous for its interesting
terrain and attracts lovers of rafting. Professionals choose the most difficult and turbulent areas, but we offer our guests calm rafting coupled with fishing. We provide all the required equipment.
Tourists, having previously been instructed and dressed in life jackets, get into inflatable rafts, and our experienced instructors-guides are under oars. They direct rafts along the water at low speeds so that travelers can comfortably admire the magnificent scenery, notice animals, have time to take a picture.
The Bystraya is famous for its salmon spawning grounds. Millions of valuable fish come here every season to leave offspring. The beginning of the route is the village of Malki, the end is the estuary of the Bolshaya River. The whole way is surrounded by wildlife. This site is perfect for fishing, so tourists, provided with fishing rods, can catch excellent fish. All summer long there is a lot of char, in June and July the Chinook is well caught, but August is especially rich in catch — rainbow trout, trout, grayling, coho salmon are caught. Far Eastern fishing leaves no one indifferent.
During the water trip, you should remember that any technical equipment hurts if gets wet, so it is better to get small dry bags for a camera or video camera. After a fruitful day, tourists return to the hotel.
Day 4. The ascent of Avachinsky volcano
This day is devoted to Avachinsky volcano. Tourists climb to its top. The route is more difficult than the ascent of Mutnovsky and takes more time, so you should be well prepared. After an early rise and breakfast at seven in the morning, the group leaves in the direction of the Avachinskaya Sopka.
It originated more than ten thousand years ago because of a powerful eruption, which smashed the top of an old volcano, which had been here earlier. The huge hollow formed on the site of the exploded summit (caldera) became the basis of a new cone, which became Avachinsky volcano.
The ascent of its top does not require professional skills and special climbing equipment. The route for tourists is the sparing, but it is not easy. However, the guide chooses the best possible path and the speed that is suitable for all participants of the trip, including the elderly ones. While rising higher, tourists see a striking view, including the Pacific coastline, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. But the main thing is that the tops of the neighboring mountains are getting closer. After having reached the goal (it takes 5-6 hours), tourists observe the crater of the volcano. Such a spectacle really sinks into your imagination. The ascent of Avacha is worth it!
The activity of the volcano appears in all its glory. In the center of the crater, there is frozen lava with a fantastic shape. Fumaroles smoke on the slopes. After resting and having a snack, travelers begin their descent. It is easier than the ascent but you should bear in mind that the small slag, which you have to walk on, can get into your shoes and chafe your feet. Therefore, you should choose the proper shoes for the trip, it’s better to have high gaiters. After the descent, the tourists get into the cars and go to the recreation center for the night.
Day 5. Boat trip
Tourists make a cruise along the Avacha Bay with a visit Starichkov Island and Russian Bay. The cruise will take about 10 hours when you will see stunning pictures of nature. When going
out of Avacha Bay on a boat, you can admire the mountain landscape from a new angle, from the sea.
It is impossible to pass by Three Brother’s cliffs, which, like guards, stand at the entrance to the bay. An ancient legend is associated with them, the guide will certainly tell it. Birds fly over the bay and snatch fish from the water. The closer to Starichkov Island you are, the more different birds you will see, and on the island itself, there is their noisy residence. This is a protected area, where bird markets and harvests of seals and walruses are located. You can only admire animals from afar, landing on the island is prohibited.
You can see the rookeries of the sea lion and cleaver at Cape Kekurny, which the boat passes by on the way to Russkaya Bay. This bay was formerly called Ahomen in Itelmen. It was renamed in 1952. Its feature is in a very convenient location and security, which makes it a safe haven for ships. In the 18th century, sailing ships hid from a storm here. During the Second World War, a maritime base was located in this bay.
In addition to strategic importance, the bay has just aesthetic significance. This is one of the most beautiful places in Kamchatka. Being here, people truly experience catharsis. Right above the bay, there is a lake with a high content of silver in the water — it’s another unique touch to the palette of Kamchatka nature. In the bay area, you can see sometimes whales and killer whales, which swim up close enough that their fins are visible above the water. And when these giants begin to tumble, it is an unforgettable scene. The fishing is great in the bay.
We equip tourists with necessary gear, they catch fish for dinner, and after eating delicious fish soup and rest, they return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Day 6. Optional tours for an additional fee
On second to last day before the end of the tour, we offer two routes for the guests: an excursion to the Valley of Geysers with a visit to Uzon volcano and Nalychevo thermal springs (the fee is 54,000 Russian rubles) and an excursion to Kurile Lake with a visit to Ksudach volcano and Khodutkinskiye thermal springs (the fee is 52,000 Russian rubles).
Both routes are long and require a helicopter flight. Both offer an unforgettable sight and beautiful views. It is a difficult choice. Everyone seems to have heard about the Valley of Geysers. This is a natural monument of world importance, one of the most impressive places on the Earth. Located in a canyon in the basin of the Geysernaya River, the valley is rich in various outcrops of thermal springs and steam. There are gurgling mud baths, but most of all — pulsating fountains that shoot hot water from the bowels of the earth.
In the Valley of Geysers, the specific ecosystem has developed, the scientists carefully study it. There are organisms and plants that are not found anywhere else. In order not to harm the fragile nature of the valley, tourists move only along special paths.
After having admired the Valley of Geysers, tourists arrive by helicopter directly to the caldera of Uzon volcano. It has a diameter of 10 km and, at first glance, looks like a plain. However, upon closer acquaintance, all sorts of wonders of volcanic origin are discovered. These are hot fumaroles, mud pots and beautiful lakes filled with water or acid, causing the water to take on a beautiful bright color. Therefore, being in a caldera, you should be very careful.
Here, too, the specific ecosystem, in which animals are embedded, has developed. You can see small species as well as foxes and even bears. When meeting with a bear, you should make as
much noise as possible — it will scare the beast. After such adventures, it’s time to relax and have a rest.
In Nalychevo Nature Park, everything is arranged for your rest. There are hot springs where you can swim and get a charge of vivacity. They also have a healing effect. After dinner, the group returns to the city to spend the night at the hotel.
The second route to Kurile Lake is as interesting as the first one. This reserved place is famous for its beauty and the fact that you can always meet bears here. There are especially many these animals in August when the big spawning begins. The Ozernaya River flows into Kurile Lake, the river estuary is just the place that connects the lake with the ocean, and this is the only way for spawning fish to get to fresh water.
There is a research base here, which experts study fish and monitor the spawning process. They willingly acquaint tourists with their work and talk about the habits and lifestyle of animals living here. After leaving the shore of Kurile Lake, travelers fly to the Ksudach volcano destroyed by the explosion, flying around the impressive peaks of the Karymsky and Maly Semyachik volcanoes. Several craters can be observed in the caldera; in one of them, the Hot Lake is located, around which tourists take a walk.
The opening views invariably delight everyone who sees them. A pleasant and relaxing end of the day is a visit to the Khodutkinskiye thermal springs, bathing in which recovers strength. After dinner, the group returns to the overnight place.
Day 7. Transfer to the airport
A meaningful, diverse tour ends. We say goodbye to the group, take our guests to the airport.
The necessary information
Although the tour participants do not have to sleep in field conditions, hiking trips, especially mountain climbing, and the harsh weather conditions of Kamchatka any time of the year require special equipment. First, it is waterproof and windproof outerwear, the jacket with a hood. Be sure to have thermal underwear, gloves, and a hat. Special attention — to shoes. High trekking boots, slightly worn-out, are recommended. You need a small backpack for personal items and food. First aid kit, sunglasses are necessary accessories. You should also take sunscreen and repellents.
The cost of the tour does not include flights to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, insurance (it is obligatory) and dinners at the hotel, which you order a la carte.

1820 $